Awning and Shading Systems


The folding awning system is produced in the broader area in the winter garden, hotels, restaurants, cafes and patisseries.

Regardless of the weather conditions, it will not rust, crack or cause any disruption in its operation. It does not harm the architectural image outdoors.

Our folding awning products are produced from aluminum profiles. The system and the led lights are controlled by a remote control. Led lights are hidden inside aluminum profiles. There is a gutter system on the front of the product. In addition, during the assembly of the system, the system was designed to operate entirely without any problems by using stainless inox connection bolts and parts.

The system’s operation is ensured by folding back the awning at a certain speed. If desired, it can block the sun or benefit from the sun.

The Folding Awning System is completely safe, robust and watertight. The fabrics used have a blackout feature, are fireproof and are not affected by the sun.

It has been designed with customer satisfaction, quality and easy installation in mind. Profile design and registration are documented by TPE.

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