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One of the most important materials of door and window systems recently is PVC. It is an abbreviation for Poly-Vinly-Chloride. After being blended with various additives, it is shaped at high temperatures and turned into plastic for use. All of the usage panels such as door, middle door and wing are called PVC joinery. It is among the most preferred products with numerous advantages and conveniences.
What are the Advantages of Using PVC Joinery?
It provides excellent watertightness. It provides a stylish and aesthetic appearance. It is a method frequently used by those who care about home decoration. It is easy to maintain and does not require long-term maintenance or repair costs. It does not rot easily and does not rust. It does not create problems such as unraveling and bending. It is pretty sturdy and durable. It has a fire resistant structure. It always carries you to innovation with its innovative designs. It is environmentally friendly as it is recycled materials. It is sufficient to consume low energy while producing.
The Most Important Reasons for Preferring PVC Joinery
Wood and aluminum materials used in producing profiles and doors are more preferred because they are more durable and functional. The chlorine atom in the polymer chain is hardly ignited in case of fire. It needs high temperature to ignite. This also prevents fires PVCs are produced with special additives. Its color, brightness and clarity do not disappear for a long time. It is manufactured to resist chemical decay, corrosion, shock and wear. This makes it more preferable. Since there is a chance for recycling, all materials that are not in use can be reshaped and used. Its physical properties provide significant advantages to its designers. With its versatility, it is used in many of the packaging, medicine, electrical, electronics and automotive sectors.
What are the PVC Joinery Types?
Some types include sliding, folding, single wing, arched, studio, bay window, guillotine, and transom. It can be preferred in many areas such as doors and windows. It provides more contribution to its customers than normal joinery. Sound insulation, high thermal insulation, being resistant to wind, having a stylish and aesthetic appearance and being easy to maintain are the main factors that are preferred.
What is the Difference Between Pvc Joinery and Aluminum Joinery?
PVC Joinery is more affordable than aluminum joinery. In PVC, low air is less likely to enter. There is a possibility of penetration in aluminum. PVC is more advantageous in terms of thermal insulation. It passes the heat more difficult. In terms of aesthetics, PVC has more color and pattern options. Both are of good quality. However, it is difficult to be satisfied if it uses poor quality. Since it is produced from PVC plastic, it is easier to recycle than aluminum. PVC is lighter than aluminum. It may not be as successful as aluminum at low and high temperatures. It is used to manufacture windows and doors, reducing tree cutting and helping protect forests. In addition to the high ignition temperature of PVC, it can extinguish itself when ignited.

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