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Express System is a multifunctional system that we have produced with years of experience. It works perfectly on all types of balconies, and thanks to its ease of use and mobility, it is unrivaled against its domestic and foreign counterparts.

The system, which moves in horizontal roller bearings with a 4*4 bearing system, has excellent mobility even at the narrowest angles. The advantage of the 4*4 bearing system operating from the bottom and the top is that the user’s glass load is not felt during the movement.
Another unique feature of the system is that it works easily even when the channels that allow the bearings to move are clogged up to 1.3 cm and are absolutely not affected by dust and dirt. The maximum height to which this system can be applied is 260 cm. Wing widths are between 40-80 cm. It is a system that can work from above and below. There are 8mm-10mm glass options. Aluminum wall thickness varies between 2 and 3 mm depending on the load it carries.
The rain gutter we have developed is not integral to the lower profile and is used when requested. Since the chute system will go out in case the wings are opened outward, the chute system is optionally used.
Express System has been designed with customer satisfaction, quality and easy installation. Profile design and registration is patented by TPE.
Ultra Insulating Glass & Blind System is designed because of the heat loss in the closed space in typical folding glass systems.
The Lux System, which is a perfect system suitable for the purpose of the folding glass system, is to turn off the winter system and turn your balcony into a glass room, allowing you to benefit from the sun. In the same system, you can block the sunlight by lowering the curtains. In regions with hot climates such as the Mediterranean, you can cut the sun as much as you want by lowering the curtains on the system, even when we open the windows in summer.
Wing width is between 40-70 cm. System height is a maximum of 250 cm. Each wing has 4 wheels and 8 bearings. It has top and bottom carrier features.

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