Guillotine Window Systems

It is an alternative solution for restaurants, cafes, hotels and patisseries.

  • It is classified as insulated and non-insulated.
  • The number of optional glasses can be 2 or 3.
  • The windows move horizontally, up and down.
  • The system moves with the motor. It can be button and remote control. Both are applicable.
  • 8-10 mm Tempered or 4+12+4 Double Glass tempered glass is used.
  • It provides insulation with 67 x 1500 weather strips pile in the aluminum case on the sides. * A durable belt with 3 mm x 25 mm inner rope that lifts the windows is used. It provides silent operation.
  • There are 8 bearings in the side channels that allow the windows to move quickly and take their space.
  • The maximum dimensions are 4250 mm wide and 2600 mm high.
  • 15 intermediates can be controlled with a single remote. You can stop the windows wherever you want.
  • When the place is open, it acts as a glass railing since 3 glasses stand side by side.
  • When the place is closed, it provides sound, heat and water insulation.
  • It is safe. No extra lock required.
  • You can leave it open as much as you want from the top to the bottom and let the air into the environment without feeling the discomfort of the wind.

    MOVING RAIL SYSTEM has been designed with customer satisfaction, quality and easy installation. Profile design and registration are documented by TPE.

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