Sliding Glass Systems

Insulating Glass Sliding Systems have been developed by taking into account the shortcomings of the thermally insulated sliding systems currently in use and taking into account easy assembly techniques. You can prefer the HEAT GLASS SLIDING SYSTEM in homes, restaurants and winter gardens.

In the double-glazed sliding series, the double-sided tempered glass provides more effective insulation, safety and thus energy savings. Glasses increase the insulation performance with various colors and features. It makes it easier for you to live in more comfortable and more insulated places in all four seasons.

Sliding glass balcony systems are a product that is frequently preferred in balconies, windows and space partitions. It is a system in which the glass system consisting of tempered glasses can be moved easily in the rail system. The windows can be opened in both directions. Sliding glass systems are used in cafeterias, office partition systems and similar areas.

Threshold sliding glass can be produced from 8mm and 10mm tempered glass and used at a maximum height of 3m. Under the sliding glass balcony system without threshold, there is a 5 mm high rail in the form of a parquet finish. The load of the sliding glass system is carried by 2 ball bearings and 2 wheels from the top. Stainless materials are used in the accessories of glass systems.

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